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16th November
written by carrie

All too often in this world, it takes the bad to focus on the good. When tragedy strikes, a pattern seems to emerge. You ask why; you wonder how the universe can allow such a thing to happen; and, hopefully, you take a moment and appreciate all over again what you have in your life.

My brother, Chad, texted me the news of the untimely death of JK Metzker, the Sports Director for KTVN Channel 2 News in Reno. I read the message at work, amidst a conversation with co-workers. In a moment, everything went silent and all I could do was sit down in shock. I took a few seconds before glancing at my good friend and co-worker, Neda. She worked for years with JK, and with a knot in my stomach, I walked over and broke the news. It was difficult, yet coming to terms with his death is proving even harder.

I didn’t know JK well; we had met several times but he likely knew me best as ‘Chad’s little sister’. That’s generally how I’m known to most of the sports guys in town. Still, I am no less impacted by his death. He was among the best of the best. A tremendous talent, and an even better man. He worked at the competition, in a completely different role than me – a producer – but he made me believe in my chosen field of TV news. He touched thousands of lives, mine among them. He leaves behind a wife of many years and three beautiful boys. And that’s what makes you ask… why? Why him? Why them?

Those are questions we’ll obviously never have the answers to. In a word, that’s infuriating. And if you’re like me, those questions linger, prompting a fresh approach to life.

As a news producer, I am the person behind the scenes, building every aspect of your local newscast. It’s a challenging, frustrating, barely get to take a bite of food, let alone take a lunch type of job. It’s also very worthwhile. And for someone like me who tends to lack it, a confidence builder. My work is on display for thousands of people each day. That’s good and bad. I say bad because more often than not, I come home at night and cringe, wondering if what I did that day was good enough. The better I do, the better our viewers are informed and that can be a difficult task. Was my story selection okay? Could I have written that better? Did our newscast make a difference? One of the nice things about working in TV news is that each day, we start with a new slate. Still, it would sometimes take me days to shake off making a mistake.

On Sunday, the day JK died, I vowed to make a change. My commitment to my job will not change. But my approach to it will. No more will I cry over it. No more will I let it keep me up at night. And no more will I let it keep me from living my life. Because I have. If I remember one thing about JK, it’s that he always had a smile on his face. I won’t pretend to know him well but I am certain of this: JK lived his life with purpose, and he did it with a smile, surrounded by a legion of family and friends.

It’s painful that it took a tragedy to change my perspective. But if anything positive can come from the loss of a life, I think it’s that it gives all of us a chance to shift our focus, to tell those around us that we love them, and to live our lives… better.

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26th February
written by carrie

Welcome to Hope you are having a nice day

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